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You’re a Manager that is looking for “outstanding” results or if you’re feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with your lack of results with your team…if you feel you could definitely improve your skills as a boss…if you’re a little scared of this new promotion…if you would really like to find a way to motivate your team while creating a fun place to work…


You’re an HR person, and that you’re looking for a way to improve the efficiency of the managers in your company, identify their weaknesses and help them become better leaders…

You’re about to discover how, by changing your mindset (or the mindset of the engaged managers in your company), you could quickly reclaim your power (take control), become an inspirational leader (and make a difference), and also get amazing results for yourself and your team (all this, while having fun)!

As a manager you have a very important role in society, it’s indeed a very demanding responsibility but it could also be very rewarding. Are you up for the challenge?

Come in and get my BLUEPRINT TO SUCCESS!

The first thing you need to do is to take the “How exciting is it to work for you?” test…it’s free and very revealing!

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  1. Louise said:

    Madame Daoust, je tenais à vous faire part de mon intérêt
    concernant votre site. Le tout est très bien fait, de manière positive et donne envie d’aller de l’avant, en s’améliorant.
    Votre approche donne envie de s’investir, sans sembler, pour autant avoir à suer et traverser un moment pénible et contraignant.
    Bravo! Félicitations !!!
    Bonne chance dans toutes vos entreprises futures.

  2. Francine Beauchamp said:

    Bonjour Micheline,

    En effet, j’ai fait le test. J’ai très apprécié ce test car il nous remet
    > > en perspective des techniques ou approches qu’on néglige ou oublie.
    > >
    > > Ce test m’a aussi permis de mieux me préparer à une entrevue pour un rôle
    > > de gestion supérieur à celui que j’occupe présentement.
    > >
    > > Très bon outil de réflexion.

  3. Nicole Lortie said:

    Bonjour Micheline, I just did your test about reclaim your power…and it was very interesting to do and it make me think about how I am a leader and how I feel doing it. Very good.

    • Micheline said:

      Thank you Nicole for the feedback! We forget how much of an impact we have as a Manager and a Leader! I really love what Seth Godin wrote about this: You don’t have a job, you have an opportunity!

  4. manaswi latthe said:

    very nice

  5. Katrina Graham said:

    POWERFUL! The questions were a perfect guide for understanding where the improvements are needed. I’m ready!