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3 Ways to Boost Employee Morale

As many of my clients are looking for ways to build employee engagement, when I came across the interview of Mr. Doug Conant (former president and CEO of Campbell Soup Company) and how he succeeded to achieve remarkable results by turning around the morale of the employees, I knew I had to share.

Here are the three main ideas:

  • His advice to leaders: “Declare Yourself”… People are not mind readers. You have to annonce your intentions loud and clear in regard to the changes you’re trying to implement. Of course, real actions need to follow this announcement, your employees will be looking for something new. Are you just All Talk?
  • Mr. Conant used to write 10 to 20 handwritten notes per day to employees, to highlight their contribution to the company’s success. Always remaining specific about what he wanted to recognize. (I also liked that he noticed that these notes were displayed on the employee’s cubicles. They were so proud!)
  • Every day, the CEO wanting to achieve his health goal by doing 10,000 steps a day, would put on his sneakers and go around the office, going through every department. This allowed him to personally meet with the employees and exchange with them informally.

Considering how easily these initiatives could be implemented, really anyone could decide to try one or all of these ideas.

Go ahead! Try it! Try something new!

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