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4 Powerful Questions to Reflect and Plan for the New Year

Before I give you the 4 questions, I want to take this opportunity to Thank You for your support and your comments (that I so need and appreciate), and I also want to wish you:

Happy Holidays and a Great New Year!

It’s now time to pause and reflect, here are 4 simple, but very revealing, questions to help you do so:

  1. How different are you today from the person you were in January?
  2. How satisfied are you with your progress?
  3. What do you REALLY want for 2013? (family – health – career – contribution – finance – fun)
  4. What will you put in place, or do differently, in order to achieve these goals?

Do the exercise for yourself but also for your TEAM, it’s a great way to start the year knowing where to FOCUS.

Slow down and enjoy this special time of the year!




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