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6 Steps for a Stellar Presentation

presentationI recently had to help a client prepare for an important meeting with her staff. As I was researching the topic, I made interesting discoveries that could be beneficial to you.

I never liked makingĀ  presentations…I always believed that you had to have an innate talent to be a good speaker, and to successfully captivate your audience. If you’re like me, I have great news for you: Steve Jobs, known for his epic presentations, was not a natural. His secret was in the preparation. He would tend to every detail and would practice his speech for days. The result was not only sublime, but he made it look effortless.

And so we have no more excuses, we just need to prepare with great care. Here are the important steps:

  1. Have a clear and specific objective – During the first few minutes, you need to state clearly WHY people should pay attention to what you’re about to say – What do they have to gain? – Why should they shut down their phone and stop thinking of what they have to do next
  2. It was proven that the best way to communicate information is by using text and pictures – Limit the words and awaken the imagination
  3. If you succeed in touching people’s emotion, your message will stay with them – They will remember it – Try to transform your message into a story
  4. You can’t keep people’s attention for more than 10 minutes (the brain gets tired!) – Make sure to beak the rhythm – Ask another person to speak, make a demonstration, ask questions…
  5. Be specific on what actions people should take following your presentation
  6. Ask for feedback – Did you reach your original objective? – This step will enable you to continually improve and to take the additional needed actions if your objective wasn’t reached

According to Dale Carnegie, the secret ingredient to captivate your audience is passion. Make sure to be really enthusiastic about your topic. These days you can easily film your performance, as you’re rehearsing, and observe your energy level. This is an excellent way to do the necessary adjustments.

The fact that you’re in front of the Board of Directors, your clients or your employees makes no difference, if people will invest of their precious time to listen to you, they deserve that you take this responsibility seriously.

“One more thing”…Have fun!

Do you know of other steps to deliver a Stellar Presentation? Please share in the Comments section.


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