I Coach Managers

What I want to do with my Blog is mainly to inspire Managers to Reclaim their power, Make a difference and Have Fun!

I loved being a Manager for 20 years, but I know that I’ve underestimated the impact I had on my employees’ life as a whole.

If the managers are good at engaging their team, the employees will have meaningful days, full of interesting challenges, learning, creating, having fun and interacting with uplifting teammates. Or, if the managers are lacking in that area, the employees will probably feel that their doing repetitive tasks and being totally drained of energy at the end of the day.

Ask people who have a Bad Boss how it affects their overall life…How it affects their family when they come home at night…

You will then understand how important being a good Manager is to so many people, not only to their immediate employees, but also to all the people in those employees’ life.

Furthermore, the way the Managers inspire (or lead) their team, has a direct impact on the kind of experience a customer (internal or external) will have while interacting with a member of that team.

Unfortunately, even though they have this big impact on so many levels (including the company’s bottom-line), most of them are left alone to figure it out (often having been promoted Manager without proper training).

And so, because I have this tremendous respect for Managers, I’m hoping to be able to help them be the Best Boss that they can be, regardless of their circumstances, or the politics and rules of the company they work for.

Because of that passion that I have for Management, I read a lot about the subject, and I intend to share with you all the best ideas that are out there, in the best books (or Blogs) on Management and Leadership.

Over the years (as a Manager and as a Coach) I also have created many Management tools, and developed plenty of crazy ideas, that I can’t wait to share with you.

I also want to give you everything that I’ve learned recently, that I so wished I had known when I was a Manager, and by doing so, save you from the mistakes that I’ve made.

I want to be clear and concise because I know how busy Managers are, but I also know that, because you‘re so busy, it will be practical to have someone reading for you and giving you fresh food for thoughts.

And so, The top 5 reasons you should be reading my blog are:

  • To discover all the power you have
    • Let’s stop waiting and just do it!
    • Let’s challenge your beliefs, question false limitations and explore new ideas!
  • To Make a difference
    • So many people depend on you!
    • You‘re a leader after all!
    • Let’s see what you are capable of!
  • To have fun
    • Let’s not take ourselves too seriously!
    • Let’s see how we can bring fun back at work!
  • To save time
    • Let me do the reading and reviews for you!
    • Let me give you new and creative ideas!
  • To be part of a Support Group
    • I’ll be there for you (because I know your boss is too busy!) to give you a boost of energy!
    • With time, we will become this Engaged and Fun group to share and mastermind.


So start by taking my quiz How exciting is it to work for you? and let me know how you scored.

To become an Engaged Manager that will make a difference… is in fact a very challenging goal…Are you interested by the adventure?

If you succeed, a deep sense of satisfaction, a lot of fun creating, and a new found sense of power and control are guaranteed…

Please leave a comment, so I will get to know more about you, your ideas, your challenges and your victories. Also, make sure to invite all the Managers you know to join the discussions…we’ll end up with a great big Engaged and Fun group!

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  1. Ces Orbeta said:


    I took the test How exciting is it to work for you. I scored 90. I loved the test. The questions you posed made me do a lot of self reflection and came to the realization of the things that I can tweak to be a better leader.

    Thank you!


    • Micheline said:

      You should be very proud of your result! Thank you so much for the comments! Please let me know if you would like to read more about one specific topic.