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3 Ways to Boost Employee Morale

As many of my clients are looking for ways to build employee engagement, when I came across the interview of Mr. Doug Conant (former president and CEO of Campbell Soup Company) and how he succeeded to achieve remarkable results by turning around the morale of the employees, I knew I had to share. Here are

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How To Use Your Phone As A Moral Booster – Send an ISAT

Your morning was painful. Your kids and the traffic weren’t collaborating. As soon as you entered the office, you were told that there would be a delay in a project for a major client, and that two of your employees are a no-show. You notice that 30 emails are waiting in your inbox and you’re

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Performance Appraisal – Important Reminder

      Performance appraisal season is dangerously close. If you don’t act now, you could fall short when trying to accomplish all that you need to do to excel in this important mission.   Start right away, by answering the following questions: What is the extent of information you have on file for each

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Take Advantage Of The Holiday Events To Boost Your “Personal Brand”

You surely have a few get together during the month of December with your colleagues, your employees or customers. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce them to your personal side. They already know your professional persona, the one they always have to deal with, now is the time to showcase your personal self, to

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