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How To Use Your Phone As A Moral Booster – Send an ISAT

Your morning was painful. Your kids and the traffic weren’t collaborating. As soon as you entered the office, you were told that there would be a delay in a project for a major client, and that two of your employees are a no-show. You notice that 30 emails are waiting in your inbox and you’re wondering, for the umpteenth time, if you shouldn’t just quit.

But then your phone vibrates, it’s a text message from your boss: “I just finished reading your report, what a powerful document, we can certainly move the negotiations forward. Excellent Work!”

Now you’re smiling and your energy level is back up.

That’s what I call an effective ISAT (Impromptu and Specific Appreciation Text).

The idea is to develop the habit of sending this kind of unexpected feedback as soon as you have something positive to share.

Don’t wait for the next opportunity or for the Performance Review (although you should keep notes of the messages so you don’t forget), do it right away when the thought crosses your mind. This will allow you to be specific in your comments. Don’t try to be eloquent, keep it simple and authentic.

  • I noticed that you stayed later to finish the job. Very professional of you! Thank you!
  • I just had a conversation with our client and he was telling me how much he trusts you. Wow!
  • That was a high-caliber presentation, dear colleague! I, now, better understand the issues.
  • As I walked by your desk, I heard you talking to our client…Two words come to mind: Tact and Skill!
  • I really appreciated your support during the meeting…Thank you boss!
  • I just came out of a meeting with your employees…Exceptional collaboration and creativity!

We often hear people complain that with the arrival of cellular phones, the employees are on-call all day, even at night and during the weekend. I consider that, when properly used, these same phones could become “weapons of massive construction” for morale and self-confidence.

In order to develop the habit, aim at sending a minimum number of ISATs per week.

Return On Investment guaranteed!

Incidentally, if you’re finding that you have nothing positive to communicate, it may be appropriate to redirect your focus.

You could also try to send a few ISATs to your spouse and kids…How do you think they would react?

Let me know what you think of this strategy in the “comments” section below.


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