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Is There A Personal And Powerful message In Your Performance Appraisals?

simpleDo you know for sure that, as a manager, you didn’t lose your time going through the Performance Review process last year?

Here is an easy trick (a sort of barometer) to know if you’ve done a good job:

Choose one of your employees and ask:

  • What was your challenge for 2015? What did you have to accomplish? (develop or improve…)
  • What personal ability did you have to work on this year? (teamwork, listening skill…)
  • Did we have something to achieve as a team? Did we succeed?

If the person can’t answer, then your message lacked clarity, was diluted in a mountain of words and/or wasn’t personalized enough.

This exercise will allow you to do a better job this year.

When establishing objectives for 2016 for each employee, be specific about what you want and keep your communication simple.

Choose one target, whatever is urgent for reaching your short term goal as a team, ¬†you can’t accomplish everything in a single year.

Take a second look at what you’ve done so far in regard to the Performance Review process. On a scale of 1 to 10, how simple is it?

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