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  1. Ben Sarma said:

    I’ve read Linchpin, and feel pretty good about it.

    Here are a couple of books I love for entrepreneurs (and may be worth adding to your list … if they meet your standards) 😛

    The Thank You Economy by Gary Vanerchuk


    Love Is the Killer App by Tim Sanders

    Love those books!

    • Micheline said:

      Thank you for the suggestions Ben! Seth Godin is pretty amazing. Do you mean to tell me that you haven’t read Steve Jobs’ bio? Really great!

      • Ben Sarma said:

        Alas Micheline I haven’t read Steve Jobs bio. At the moment I have like 15 marketing and copywriting books at the top of my pile … er mound!

        By the sound of it though, you’re saying his bio is outstanding?

        • Micheline said:

          It is outstanding! Such an interesting, intricate (not so nice) genius. I’m reading it for the second time, to pick up all the lessons to be passed along to my clients.

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