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Take Advantage Of The Holiday Events To Boost Your “Personal Brand”

a--You surely have a few get together during the month of December with your colleagues, your employees or customers. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce them to your personal side. They already know your professional persona, the one they always have to deal with, now is the time to showcase your personal self, to demonstrate your emotional intelligence and make new contacts.

I was inspired by an article from Dr. Travis Bradberry. Here are a few of his suggestions:

  • Pay attention to your body language (we have 7 seconds to make a good first impression)
    • Check your energy level before entering the room (an enthusiastic person will always be more interesting)
    • Smile
    • Don’t cross your arms
    • Maintain eye contact (don’t look for other people in the room while the other person is talking)
    • Lean towards the person to show that you don’t want to miss a word of what he or she is saying
    • Use their name during the conversation
  • Don’t stay too superficial. Open up, talk about what your passionate about, the other person might follow your lead.
  • Ask good open-ended questions (show your interest)

These “informal” meetings are not to be taken lightly…Someone is looking at you!…Someone is listening!

Oh, and I almost forgot…Don’t forget to have fun! 🙂

Let me know, in the Comments Section, if you have other good suggestions for these professional gatherings!

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  1. Gavin said:

    Hello, I don’t see the test you mention in your welcome page and video intro. ps I found you via Quora

    • Micheline Daoust said:

      Thank you Denyse for reaching out! I do need to update my website. Currently you need to be on your computer to access the test. Sorry about that! Let me know how I can help.