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The Key to a Successful Performance Review!

The Performance Review is a crucial responsibility for Managers. You can accomplish so much during this one meeting. You either come out of this process gaining momentum or losing some…it’s never without consequence. Even though it’s really important to be well prepared for the meetings, there’s another element that’s even more important…

It’s your Mindset!

What are you really saying in your head when you’re thinking of having to do the Performance Reviews? Would you like to skip the entire process? Guess what? You will never be successful if you keep thinking like that!

What are your employees thinking when it’s that time of the year? Another stupid form to fill out and another inconsequential meeting with my boss. Guess what? They’ll never put the necessary effort, participate, or benefit fully from the process, if they keep thinking like that!

The Key is to do whatever it takes for you, and your employees, to get to the following Mindset:

For the Manager:

  • I finally get to take the time to really listen to what each employee has to say.
  • I will plan the necessary time in my schedule so that I can do this well; I know the time that I will be investing in doing this, will generate excellent returns.
  • It’s my opportunity to communicate my vision and the objectives for our department, and to make sure that each person understands how they can contribute. I want to make sure that they fully grasp how important they are to our team.
  • I will be able to know how each employee is really feeling about their job and, in doing so, avoiding bad surprises. I want to know if they’re happy, how I can help them progress and become more autonomous.
  • I will take notes of all their suggestions, their proximity to customers (complaints and problems), makes them the best people to come up with excellent ideas.
  • This meeting will be perfect to address the performance issues, by looking to find how, with the help of the employee’s suggestions, we can improve the outcome.
  • Above all, I’m really pleased to have this chance to highlight (using my creativity and the means available to me) their victories.

For the Employee:

  • Finally my Manager will take the time to really listen to what I have to say, and to understand how I feel.
  • I won’t have a complicated 10 page form to fill out for HR, because that would really make me dread the entire process.
  • My boss’s Expectations, for the upcoming year, will be communicated to me and I will be able to exceed them, if I chose to.
  • I took notes of my achievements, of the training that would help me be even more successful, and of my suggestions. Seeing my boss taking notes of my ideas will make me feel like a valued asset for the team. It will be a boost to my energy level!
  • This will also be my opportunity to talk about my personal development and the special projects that are of interest to me, the best way to showcase my talents.
  • Most of all, I can’t wait to get the feedback about all the good stuff that I did this year, when I’ll see that my hard work doesn’t go unnoticed, I’ll know to keep giving my best.

What do you have to put in place to get to that new Mindset?

How can you make the process more pleasurable for you and your employees?

Based upon their past experience, how do your employees feel about the process? What existing false beliefs do you have to undo?

When reading what your employees might be expecting from their review, how important is it for you to do this right?

Most Managers would gladly outsource this task, but I sincerely believe that we can change that, by focusing on the purpose and benefit of the Performance Review. The good news is that, if you do this well, your employees will need a lot less of your time.

How do YOU like having to do the Performance Reviews? Can you see it as an opportunity?  Let me know in the comments section.


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  1. Francine Beauchamp said:


    C’est tellement vrai. Cette période d’évaluation est plutôt vue comme une corvée alors qu’il s’agit d’une rencontre constructive avec notre employé.

    Du côté de l’employé, il est certains que cette rencontre ne doit pas amener de surprises et du côté du gestionnaire, c’est une belle opportunité pour prendre le temps avec son employé pour se mettre à jour ensemble sur le rendement de l’employé et son avenir.

    Très bon article…….FB

    • Micheline Daoust said:

      Tu as tout compris Francine! Le défi c’est de rendre l’expérience agréable pour les employés, en commencant par aimer le processus nous-mêmes.