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The Most Simple Way to Rapidly Reach Your Objectives


We’re at page 30 of the first chapter in your very own book titled ‘My Year 2013“. Time flies! What are you doing differently so far, to reach your objectives and/or those of your team? I’ve recently listened to Scott Dinsmore’s presentation, part of  TED Talks, and I was confronted by this truth that we often forget…

My business slogan is: “Reclaim your power, Make a difference and Have fun!”. In the “Reclaim your power” portion, there’s the notion of being able to make a choice as far as whom we will associate and share ideas with.

In his presentation, Scott Dinsmore tells the story of how one of his dreams went from “this is impossible to accomplish”, to “no problem, this is how you do this”, simply by changing the type of people he was sharing his ambitions with. When your audience is made up of people that have already achieved what you’re trying to do, imagine the impact it could have on how fast you’ll reach your goal.

When I start working with a new client, I often hear: “You really are passionate about what you do, it’s so much fun to talk with someone that’s not always blaming everybody and everything, I wish I could, like you, feel fulfilled at work…” Look for people around you that will give you this kind of infectious positive energy. Just so you know, it won’t be easy.  Scott, in his presentation, says that 80% of people are unhappy in the type of work that they do. Nevertheless, you should make the effort to find those rare specimens, for they could propel you toward what you really want.

In the “Make a difference” part of my slogan, we, as Managers, could probably do something about this very sad statistic of 80% of unhappy employees. We’ll discuss this further in an upcoming post.

So what about you:

  • Which person could have a positive influence on you, your morale and your success?
  • Who do you know that has already achieved one of your goals?
  • Who do you admire around you?
  • With whom will you go and have lunch with, in the next few days?
  • How could you reunite a few people that, with their attitude and enthusiasm, would have an impact on everyone’s  success?
  • Which books (or videos) would help you transform your dreams into reality?

Start tweaking your circle of influence right away. Chapter 2 of your book is starting in a few days!

Can you already identify changes that you should be making? Please let me know in the Comment section.



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