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The One Question To Ask Yourself Before Leaving For The Holidays



During your discussions with your family and friends pay attention to people’s comments about their work.

Because my mission is to inspire managers to care for their team, I always feel sad when I hear:



  • My employer revised the budget this year, everything that was fun has been cut
  • Every minute of my time is counted, we no longer have any autonomy
  • My boss hardly knows my name
  • I don’t have the latitude to help my clients, I feel helpless
  • My evaluation was done in 10 minutes, my boss had no interest in my comments
  • I’m so looking forward to my retirement …

On the other hand, I jubilate, and always ask for what company the person works for, when I hear:

  • I have a new mission for January, I can’t wait to tackle it
  • My boss really trusts me, next year, I will represent my sector for a major project
  • Our supervisor always comes up with little surprises
  • I received a written note from my boss, I was surprised to see how well he knows me
  • My boss is very accessible, he is an equal part of our teamĀ 
  • What a great team we have…

So before you go away to regain your strength and spend time with your loved ones, the coaching question is:

What will your employees say when they talk about their work during the holiday season?

The answer could be a good start in planning your objectives for the new year.

I wish you a wonderful holiday season and a successful year!

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